Soake Boutique CLASSIC Pagoda Umbrella Coral

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This beautiful coral coloured Classic Pagoda will be a definite head turner with the striking colours! Everyone will comment how stunning it is.

This umbrella can be used as both an umbrella during the rain and a parasol during sunshine

It is a walking stick length with an elegant slim line shaft with a black tip at the top. It also features a delicate slimline soft rubber black handle. It comes with a black tassel which gives it that extra touch and finish.

  • The canopy span is 95cm when open
  • The full length from the tip to the bottom of the handle is 90cm.
  • It features a superb 16 spoke frame.
  • Manual opening.
  • We have many different colours and styles available.
  • This Coral classic Pagoda Umbrella is definitely one of a kind!